Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ferrari.............Sports Car


Super Sports Cars are Selling Good in India,Ferrai cannot be left behind.More and more of India affluent Youth or Young at  Heart are collectively buying  apportimately  400-500 cars year that cost over 100 Crore each .
Ferrari,with its famous prancing Horse logo,is however such an Iconic brand that few specially Imported.Ferrari is now officially in India and their range includes  the eight-cyclinder ferrari Califorina,a convertible GT with a retractable hard top the 570 HP 458 Italia,an extreme mid rear mounted engine two seater sports car and the
12-cylinder  611 HP 599 GTB Fiorano,the highest performance 12-cylinder car ever built at their planet at Maranello.Ferrari make about 6,800 cars a year and sells about  a hundred in India.

This may not seem like such a big number,but according India Survey “India is on Fast Growth Trajectory where they see huge Future Potential”.While  the models offered in several brillant in colours,the  special ferrai Red is clearly a favoured choice.There is no Price list for any models and Clients  to quoted prices.According to Client’s Choice out of the huge array  of luxurious optional extra and the Plant delivery schedule.
Though the actual delivery  may also take up to one year, Sports Cars have not been as popular in India as they should been.

In most countries,Sport as cars account for some
5 %percent of the Auto Sales. But in India ,they have a lost no staatiscal presences atall.Perhaps it is becoz moost Indians are too practical to be alble tobuy something as Wildly extravagant as a Car that can carry one One passenger.Consumes a  lot of Fuel and Costs a Fortune To buy and Maintain.

In Next Segment I will Talk More Super Sports Cars
Mustang,Maserati,Nissan, Porsche and Other Super Sports Cars.

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