Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Blood is Thicker Than Water”
 Is a German Proverb(OriginallyBlut  ist  dicker als  Wasser);
Which is also common in English Speaking Countries. It  generally means that of the bonds of the Family and common ancestry are Stronger than those bonds between unrelated people (Such as friendship).

“Blood is thicker than Water” is a recoginize able proverb that has survived the tst of the time.The generally accepted interpretation of the blood is thicker than the water is that those  related by blood have stronger bonds than other kind of the bonds that the forms through marriage or friendship.the origin of the saying is most often attributed to Scottish Poet and novelist Sir WalterScott in his novel” Guy Mannering “ in 1815.

However,other earlier sources include references as early as the twelth century.”Relationships with in the family are Stronger Than the other kind.”
The Phrase has obviously been in use for hundreds of the years,with most modern interpretations in agreements that family bonds are closer than those of the outsiders. In the other words, those who are related by blood(relatives) are connected more intimately than those who are connected by non-relatives.

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