Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Evade SUV launched in India, Prices start from Rs. 8.5 Crores including duties

Conquest Vehicles, a company famous for building the KNIGHT XV armored SUV, has revealed this week a new unarmored model, which is called the Evade. Even though the Conquest Evade looks very similar to the KNIGHT XV, there are a few differences. The Evade has narrower wheel arches, a new front fascia with redesigned headlights, a modified grille and other minor design changes. Its rear bumper has an integrated step to facilitate entry and exit. The Conquest Evade is made from aluminum and steel, and it's a lot lighter than the KNIGHT. This means better performance and improved efficiency. Unfortunately, Conquest
did not release a lot of technical details regarding the Evade. What we do know is that it's built on a Ford F550 Super Duty chassis and that it's available with either a petrol or a diesel engine. Naturally, it has a 4x4 drivetrain. The equipment list of the Evade includes quite a few fun gizmos. For instance, the search light you see mounted on the roof can be rotated 360 degrees with the help of a joystick. The Conquest Evade also comes with a FLIR night vision camera. 

The Evade SUV is available with petrol and diesel powertrain options and a 4x4 system. Prices start from Rs. 8.5 Crores including duties



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