Monday, 3 December 2012

City of Bright Colors

Kiev — Residential Complex
In some cities, the bright colors become a feature of the city's architecture.
Most of the city's buildings are painted in gray color, contributing to our already gray days. And as a ray of bright light breaking through their bold colorful designs, diluting monotonous architectural scale bright palette. Moreover, the "revival" sometimes subjected to not a single house, and the entire complex and residential quarters. Over the years, the bright colors in the architecture becomes more and more, including in Russia. One Anadyr is worth something! 24 more images after the break...
 Brunswick (Germany) — Happy home Rizzo
Moscow — Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology
Budapest — House
Uster (Switzerland) — Public toilet
Petrozavodsk — House
Utrecht (The Netherlands) — Dormitory
 Bratislava — Hotel Kolop
St. Petersburg — Residential Complex
Denmark — Copenhagen
Italy — Cinque Terre
Italy — Cinque Terre
South Africa — Cape Town
 Brazil — Rio de Janeiro
Mexico — Guanajuato
India — Jodhpur
India — Ratanada, Jodhpur
CA — San Francisco
Canada — St. John's
Chile — Valparaiso
Chile — Valparaiso
Poland — Wroclaw
Greece — Santorini
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