Saturday, 6 August 2011

2011 Gadgets

For fans of technological gadgets, the year 2010 was a great year and lots of fun, thanks to Microsoft KINECTS, Amazon Kindle eReader version Ⅲ, Apple iPad tablet tab Galaxy and Samsung and some only 4 Smartphone and iPhone S. Nexus Well, around 2011, how? What most consumer electronics in 2011? According to the survey, however, Apple will remain an important part of the news cycle, in particular, IPAD playbook and Blackberry.

Originally, Nintendo plans to launch its 3D version of the Game Boy. But later he said that would be available February 26, 2011 3DS, Japan and Europe in March 2010 Conference nderstanding. It is said that the 3DS is really designed 3D glasses free.
As we all know that Apple introduced the iPad tablet, which today is one of the fastest-selling gadgets in history with more than 3 million units sold in the first three months of his life alone. According to statistics, IPAD
IPAD is estimated to take a market share of 95% white at the top of the tablet whole scene, but not perfect with great potential IPAD 2.
BlackBerry playbook
RIM has launched its first tablet, the playbook, and should reach the market until the first quarter of 2011. Although the playbook would not be as successful with the direct consumer market – is likely to steal sales Samsung Galaxy tab instead of sales IPAD – RIM, but it will be fine as long as companies and State officials, purchase for executives.
Tablet Droid
Tablet Droid will probably be the first pill that has been created with the new interface – Android 3.0 (current version of Google Android is simply not designed to be compressed). As we all know, the Motorola phones have excellent marketing skills and superior quality. Motorola and Google have been told to work closely on the table so you should correct many of the negative aspects of this tablets Android.
IPhone 4 Verizon
Uh, operational excellence and exquisite design of the iPhone 4, I think, I did not elaborate on. But there is more room for improvement from AT & T. Well in advance!
Palm in the smartphone market is not uniform, as expected. But pre Pixi and work well in the operating system Web OS. Web OS offers users a unique experience and it just feels like it could be even better on a bigger screen. PalmPad philosophy is likely to be a bit like the IPAD where the equipment is second chair in the software. And with the power manufacturing market leader HP and distribution channels, PalmPad is configured to be a success.
Sony PSP Phone
In the market of mobile telephony, only a handful of games for Android is about. But there are many PSP games. Well, Sony combines the power of the Android mobile library of PSP games to create the first true mobile phone game. The countdown to the players!
Adam concept Ink Tablet
With the best price and crafts and software, the notion of Adam is an ideal ink tablets for many users, although the notion of the ink was not put in place Adam in the time and time again. However, now that the tablet should be available in early 2011.
Chevy Volt 2.0
GM Chevy Volt 2.0 is a new generation of innovative electric vehicle technology is supposed to bring low-end a bit.
The Old Republic (BioWare Star Wars MMO PC)
BioWare is scheduled to present his new play – The Old Republic (BioWare Star Wars MMO PC) next year. So for the players, the Old Republic should be a very important game and expected in 2011.

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