Saturday, 27 August 2011

Desert Adventures

Desert Adventures

Capital of the Sultanate Of the Oman
The Home Sindbad The Sailor  and The Civilization that Gifted The Queen of the Sheba her frankincense, Oman stands at the Razor’s edge of the Peninsula, at the crossroads of Culture and trade Asia, Africa and Europe.

Oman’s  anient Capital,Nizwa,but not before a brief visit to the Amouge Prefumery for abe spoke ofactory experience.Nizwa Fort(built c.1650)shimmers in a haze of the heat as I climb its huge drum-like tower.The sun-dried turrets have commanding views of the mountains the surrounding countryside watered by aflaj irrigation systems and the Iberian cannons that guard its massive doors.Along with the 13th Century Bahla Fort(a UNESCO World Hertiage Site),and the stately Jabrin Castle(c.1675).Nizwa fort has underground passes,murder holes—Through which medival cruelty was executed by thepouring hot date syrup on intruders –rusted cannon balls and shields made from rhinoceros hide.Jabrin has lattice –worked windows windows painted ceiling beams and embrored cushions strewn all over its breezy rooms
Sand sartins and swifts flit past the sunset and a strong wind  and the Moon is a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.

Thinking of that Old Arabia  and  fall asleep “Shamed into pettiness by the innumerable silences of the stars”

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