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Best Photos from National Geographic Year 2011

Take a look of lovely selection of the best photos for National Geographic July.

1. Horses, Wales. This photo was taken at sunset in the national park “Snowdon”.
Photos for National Geographic July 2011

2. Bear grizzly with a cub and the National Park “Yellowstone”. As a rule, in the winter bear “carry” their offspring on their backs, so they do not mired in deep snow.
Photos for National Geographic July 2011

3. Lizard with a blue tongue, Australia. These lizards are found in eastern Australia during the warmer months and often wander in the yard, causing the raptures of cats who have seen the unexpected booty.Photos for National Geographic July 2011

4. Herd sprinbokov (springbok) in a national park «Sperrgebiet National Park» Namibia. The number of these rare animals increased from 1980 – and now there are about one hundred and sixty thousand.
National Geographic Photos July 2011 (1)

5. Crab, Galapagos Islands. This unusual painting crab – the only one who was kind enough to pose the photographer Eric Phillips, at the time, like all his colleagues ran and hid.
National Geographic Photos July 2011 (2)
6. Baboons, Zoo Prospect Park Zoo in New York. You just look into the eyes of the expression of primates! In the foreground – Sami named Simon. Right – the female, with whom he has for the past ten years had a relationship. However, a recent windy Simon left a girlfriend for two samochek younger, who, moreover, bore him children, one of which he is pictured in this photo. Look only at the expression that an abandoned woman contemplates her breezy gentleman and his offspring!
National Geographic Photos July 2011 (3)
7. Wildebeest, Serengeti. Piter says fotogaf Mortife: “On a recent safari in the Serengeti in Tanzania, I was fortunate enough to photograph this baby antelope wildebeest. These incredible animals within forty-five minutes after birth stand on their feet and start running! And with the same rate as adults! “
National Geographic Photos July 2011 (4)
8.  Lions, Kenya. Photographer tells Mrs. Wai Chung Tamball: “This picture was taken in the national park« Nakuru National Park »Kenya. As many as seven young lions resting on the branches of acacia trees. Look, with what contempt they look at the disturbing their peace man! “National Geographic Photos July 2011 (5)
9.  Reef Shark, Maldives. Fish less try to keep a safe distance from the reef sharks, knows how swollen in the shallow waters of the Maldives.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (6)
10. Seagull and boat. National Geographic Photos July 2011 (7)
11. Cayman Turtle and Guatemala. Says photographer Anthony Davis: “Look, it’s caiman, surrounded by a ring of turtles. At one time, caiman rescued members of the organization ARCAS in Guatemala. ARCAS was founded in 1989 to take on the rehabilitation of animals seized from poachers and illegal traders, and then release them into the wild. I have been working in this organization for several weeks each year, so I have a unique opportunity to see close parrots, monkeys and other endangered species. “National Geographic Photos July 2011 (8)
12.  Cactus Bee, Arizona. Cactus bees (Diadasia sp.) Pollinating a flower of a cactus in Tucson, Arizona.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (9)
13. Polar bear with a whale bone. Bears diligently stocking up on fat, going on a hunt before the onset of summer, when the potential prey is much smaller. National Geographic Photos July 2011 (10)
14. Elephants, Kenya. Says photographer Danielle Mussman: “The photo was taken in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, It was just indescribably picturesque view! The Snows of Kilimanjaro in a haze of clouds, blue sky – and a herd of elephants, wandering to the lake. “National Geographic Photos July 2011 (11)
15. Giraffe, Mexico. This amusing giraffe named Lupe lives in a zoo Vameru, which is located in the town of Queretaro, Mexico.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (12)
16. Gecko in the branches of palm trees. Says photographer Lorenzo Menendez: “The very surprised that I did notice the crumbs among the leaves!”National Geographic Photos July 2011 (13)
17. Rider, Bangladesh. Every day on the beach in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh has more than hundreds of riders. They earn less than $ 5 a day, and at the end of the day of their pockets as empty as in the beginning. Just work on the beach and makes their lives.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (14)
18.  Fish Parrot, Great Barrier Reef. These large and colorful fish clown unusual colors consider the guardians of coral reefs. Their numerous teeth are scraped from the coral polyps and algae dry.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (15)
19. Zebras, Tanzania. Says photographer Eric Scooby: “This picture was taken in the Ngorongoro National Park, which is located in northern Tanzania. Most of it lies within the Ngorongoro volcanic crater of the same name. Look at how successfully combines color with flowering plants of zebras! “National Geographic Photos July 2011 (16)
20. Ryabkov, Namibia . Flock sandgrouse splashing in lakes in the reserve «NamibRand Nature Reserve» Namibia.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (17)
21. Deer, Japan. In Nara, Japan, deer are regarded as sacred messengers of the gods, they are allowed to move, do as one pleases with absolutely freely.And these deer are well known graceful bow, they beg for treats.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (18)
22. Parrot, Manila. Charlene Ngo says photographer: “I made this photograph in the Philippines, the Zoological and Botanical Garden of Manila. I hope someday people will realize that these magnificent birds need much better environment than the present. “National Geographic Photos July 2011 (19)
23. Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Australia. The photo was taken on the west coast. Emilien Anglada photographer says: “I was walking along the woods and accidentally startled a family of wild eastern gray kangaroos. They are terribly afraid and rushed in panic to the native forest, barely seeing the man. “National Geographic Photos July 2011 (20) 24.  Delfin , Turkey. Photo taken during the passage of the dolphin.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (21)
25. Tonkotelaya langur monkey in India. These monkeys live in India and there are sacred animals, that does not prevent them from being absolutely unbearable.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (22)
26. Bear, British Columbia. A young bear nestled relax at the roots of red cedar. As a rule, bears always have a rest day after hunting and eating.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (23)
27.   Stag beetle, Sumatra. Says photographer John Simmons: “I saw this stag beetle (Cyclommatus elaphus) in the National Park Gunung Leuser in Sumatra.He stood against the sun – and you just look at how luxurious it has horns!National Geographic Photos July 2011 (24)
28. Blue shepherd dog Hiller, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Says Jay Koppelman photos. “I made this image in Mexico. Sometimes it seems that there are like two different worlds, not overlapping, the animal world and human world. Often people do not realize what was happening in the animal world, a few meters away from them. What do you think about this dog is thinking? “National Geographic Photos July 2011 (25) 29. Cheetah, South Africa. Cheetah resting, stretched out on the grass in Wetevreden Leeuplaas. In the rest it desperately needed because of the injury of one of the legs.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (26)
30. Hawaiian green turtle. This unique Hawaiian green turtle lives in an aquarium in Maui. This is one of the endangered species of herbivorous sea turtles, featuring a greenish color of fat.Hawaiian green turtle. This unique Hawaiian green turtle lives in an aquarium in Maui. This is one of the endangered species of herbivorous sea turtles, featuring a greenish color of fat.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (27)
31. Koala, Australia. This charming teddy bear, orphaned after his mother died, zoo staff have grown «Australian Reptile Park» from Australia, and now he is gaining strength despite all the difficulties experienced.National Geographic Photos July 2011 (28)

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