Saturday, 10 December 2011

facebook Head Office

We are made for facebook daily updates but do you want to see stylish and well interiored headoffice of facebook then take a look.. Employees of Facebook based in the new office in Palo Alto, California since 2009. And A big thanks goes to the joint efforts of the design studios of Studio O + A, Virginie Manichon, KPFF – Consulting Engineers, Air Systems Inc., Elcor Electric and Brightworks for a stylish and unique interior. The design of the main office is fully reflects the essence of the company as a social network of people, Take a Look.

1. Palo Alto

The head office of Facebook
In the area of ​​13.935 square meters, Previously there was a production laboratory named Agilent Technologies managed thier work on the sameplace, Now, Today more than 700 employees work here and formerly scattered in over ten separate offices in Palo Alto.

2. Effective Interior

The head office of Facebook
Effective interior reflects the views of all employees of Facebook.

3. Platforms and Pictures

The Head Office of Facebook
 This are the platforms used for site surveys throughout the company,you can see here pictures of stages of construction and renovation. From each department there was an advisory board allocated to cooperate with the project team on all matters of space planning, finishes before final approval.

4. Open Area

The Head Office of Facebook
  It was decided to allocate some areas, Which can bring members of the group together in the center of the office, by the boss who has access to every employee.

5.  Halls and Recreation Rooms

The Head Office of Facebook
 It is important to make large halls and recreation rooms, to combining staff from different departments.

6. Cafe

The Head Office of Facebook

7. Courtyard

The Head Office of Facebook The courtyard is different perhaps from what you’ve seen before, because there is a basketball court and a table to play ping-pong! It is unusual to observe the movement of staff around the office on skateboards!

8. Kitchen

The Head Office of FacebookA one large kitchen to dine any time and additionally small bars with snacks and drinks are provided to each of the department.

9. Walls for History

The Head Office of Facebook In general, the designed office is setted up on the younger generation of staff. Many of the office walls deliberately left unfurnished, so they can leave their mark on history.

10. Furniture and Envionment

The Head Office of Facebook Furniture can also be moved around as needed. This ensures the continuous development, the staff will never get tired with the work environment and daily routine  will produce creative work.

11. Stripted Walls and Cabins

The Head Office of Facebook

11. Shinlear

The Head Office of Facebook

12. Conference Room

The Head Office of Facebook

13. Front Area

The Head Office of Facebook

14. Facebook

The Head Office of Facebook

15. Facebook

The Head Office of Facebook

16. Facebook

The Head Office of Facebook

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