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10 Environmentally friendly Electric Motorcycle Concepts

E-Carver Electric Motorcycle Concept
People are opening up to electric rides and always look forward to new creations. The new-age electric bikes have been designed in a way that gives a tough competition to gas-guzzling beasts, but bike lovers are still skeptical about the kind of performance they deliver. Eco-friendly automotive technology has grown over the years and has managed to impress people. Below is a list of environmentally-friendly electric motorcycle concepts that will save the beautiful world from further deterioration.

1. Kobra all-electric motorcycle
Kobra all-electric motorcycle
Cristiano Giuggioli has designed Kobra, is an all-electric creation. The most unique trait is the motorcycle’s ability to adjust according to the rider’s weight and height. The good-looking creation has been fitted with an electric engine that has been coupled with highly developed robotic technology. The on-board batteries of Kobra, get recharged effortlessly when brakes are applied, thanks to the presence of regenerative braking system.
2. Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Concept
Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Concept
Electric bikes are always considered to have low power. But, Orphiro Electric Motorcycle Concept is here to change this thinking forever. It can touch a top speed 75 mph or 120 km/h and has an approximate range of 60 miles or 100 km. The emission-free creation, has been injected with fun elements and is perfect for a ride around the city. Orphiro has an aggressively carved wide-body that will manage to fetch unending attention.
3. E-bike Concept
E-bike concept
Shavit Electric Sport Motorcycle has been designed by Eyal Melnik. The sexy bike can morph from an upright posture to a lean stance in no time, thanks to the unique riding pose. The seat height, handlebars and foot-pad of this fascinating E-bike, can be accustomed separately, and that morphs it from an everyday bike to a superbike.
4. BMW E 100R Electric Motorcycle Concept
BMW E 100R electric motorcycle concept
The name BMW itself sets pulses racing, and here to accelerate the excitement all the more, is BMW E 100R Electric Motorcycle Concept by Miika Mahonen. The sumptuous creation is a perfect blend of good looks and power. It has been wedged with a power-packed electric engine that is well complemented by its lightweight frame, which makes the bike all the more energy efficient. BMW E 100R is eco-friendly in nature that can be driven in the city, race track and even in hills.
5. 4 Wheeled Electric Motorcycle
Now, this concept sure comes draped with wicked looks. The 4 Wheeled Electric Motorcycle provides an eco-friendly ride that ranks high on the style-o-meter. Designed by Wes Rhoad, it is a zero-emission bike that vows to keep the environment clean and green. It has an exceptional silhouette, managing to capture a lot of hearts.

6. SE Electric Motorcycle Concept
SE electric motorcycle concept
The SE Electric Motorcycle Concept, also called the big battery electric bike, has an electric motor each in the front and rear hub. Both the motors, smaller one at the front and bigger one at the back, will fetch power from a single battery pack. It has been designed by Paolo di Giusti and will definitely give a tough competition to gas powered creations.
7. ZEVS Electric Motorbike
ZEVS electric motorbike
This bike with brawny features can be any bike lover’s dream. Dubbed the ZEVS Electric Motorcycle Concept, it has been designed by Anders August Kittilsen, Bernhard Ranner and Rudolf Stefanich. It is set to zoom like an angry monster and force heads to tilt in total amazement that too in an environment-friendly way. So, if you are an eco-conscious rider and love the aggression that bikes come coated with, then ZEVS will leave you impressed.
8. Honda Oree Electric Motorcycle Concept
Honda Oree Electric Motorcycle Concept
Andre Look and Nike Albertus, design students from a German college, have come up with an impressive electric bike concept that will leave you wheezing. These bike crazy students have blended their passion with their love for environment, and came up with the Honda Oree. It produces a 90 plus horsepower and torque measuring 125 lb-ft. The bike will send in thrill chills as it can touch a top speed of 120 mph. Depending on the number of batteries used, Oree bikes weigh between 290 to 375 lbs and have a range that varies between 80 to 190 miles.
9. E-Carver Electric Motorcycle Concept
E-Carver Electric Motorcycle Concept
Another brilliant addition to the world of electric motorcycles, is E-Carver Electric Motorcycle Concept. Luca Bar has designed E-Carver enveloped in an impressive outer skin. Its hub comes fitted with a motor. The most striking feature is the wheels, that are different sized. The front tyre is smaller than the rear wheel, which give the overall designing a new meaning. It has a horizontal riding position and provides a zero emission ride.
10. Nucleus Motorcycle Concept Would Be Interesting in a Wind Tunnel
Nucleus Motorcycle Concept
Nucleus Motorcycle Concept by Non-Object, literally looks weird. It seems as if the bike has been fitted with blinders on either side. The seat is quite thin and comfortable. It only rises when the vehicle is in motion. Since, it is still in conceptual stage, there is no surety that it will actually hit the streets any sooner.

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