Saturday, 17 November 2012

Massive Tower Made of Hundreds of Stacked Chairs

For Abu Dhabi's fourth annual art fair which just completed (November 7 to November 10), Japanese artist Tadashai Kawamata created a massive sculpture made up of hundreds of chairs. Called Chairs For Abu Dhabi, the approximately 20-foot tall installation took Kawamata about five days to build. Called "a highlight" of the festival, it was designed to look like a rotunda or a round tower and was meant to not just be seen but be used. "It's like a meeting spot," Kawamata said to The National. "People can sit there, wait for somebody."

The artist purposely did not use just one type of chair, he incorporated all kinds of different ones including armchairs, sofas, benches, and stools. "Because here in Abu Dhabi it's such an international city and a lot of people come from all over the world, and I wanted to put a mixture - even a couch. It will symbolically link the people who enter it, Mr Kawamata said.

"An empty chair is waiting for the people to sit down, and then a chair is connecting to the other chair," he explained. "So it's really like a waiting spot, open for everybody to sit down. That's kind of the metaphor we're using."

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